Welcome to Boskop Primary School


Boskop Primary school was established in 1920.

Our school started off as a small farm school - a far cry from the large school that it has become today.

In those early school days the learners would come to school either on foot or in donkey carts, in wagons and even on horseback. During harvest time many learners would stay at home when crops had to be picked.

Today we have 1500 learners. Our ECD centre for our little Grade R’s has its own playground, Grade R hall and ablution facilities.
This facility is completely separate from the rest of the school. We have seven Grade R classes.

Our Foundation phase comprises of five classes in each Grade. In each Grade 1 and 2 class we have permanent teacher’s assistants who help the teacher’s with administration etc. Our five Grade 3 classes have a total of three assistants.

The Intersen Phase comprises of our Grade 4 – 7 classes. Every effort is made to ensure that the size of these classes is kept manageable.

Boskop Primary school has a large personnel of 82 in total. The staff includes our administrative staff, general assistants, teacher’s assistants, reading and language assistants, media personnel and teaching personnel.

We pride ourselves on affording each child at Boskop the opportunity to excel in Sport, Culture and Academics.

In a nutshell Boskop Primary is a people centred school as each person at Boskop is part of our Boskop family.

Boskop – a winning team!

Our Staff

We have a personnel of 82. This number includes all personnel members – administrative, security, general assistants, media assistants, teachers and the school management team. Each staff member is proud of our school and passionate about Boskop.

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At Boskop Primary we believe in the holistic development of all learners. We encourage our learners to participate in sport as it teaches them to be part of a team. Sport also develops gross motor skills, strategic planning and logical reasoning.


Boskop learners are also encouraged to take part in cultural activities such as choir, public speaking, Irish dancing and Eisteddfod. We are always delighted to discover how talented our learners are. They are talented dancers and singers too!

Buildings & Grounds

Boskop Primary School has 1500 learners. Our facilities include a swimming pool, two rugby/soccer fields, netball courts, a cricket pitch and cricket nets as well as two tennis courts. We have a Grade R ECD centre with its own hall as well. We have a fully equipped media and computer centre as well as two whiteboards. We pride ourselves on keeping and maintaining all our facilities.

Fundraising & Functions

Boskop Primary School is a public ordinary school. We do need to raise funds in order to supplement school fees.

Our biggest, most amazing legendary fundraiser every year is Boskop’s Obstacle Walk. Each year we raise more money that the previous years.

The children play on inflatables, dance in dancing competitions and get covered in mud after wallowing in the mud pits.

Each year is more memorable that the last.

Term Planner


  • 17January

    School Opens

  • 24January

    Information Evening (Gr. R-7)


  • 2February

    Inter-house Gala

  • 8-11February

    Prefect Camp

  • 13February

    Valentine’s Dance (Grades 1 - 5)

  • 14February

    Valentine’s Dance (Grade 6 & 7)

  • 21February

    Inauguration of Prefects

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